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Your business is slow… but you know it could be better. You know it’s time to leverage social media, and you have tried doing it yourself. However, you have a full day meeting until 3pm, and if you’re lucky, you get an hour for lunch before diving back into your operational tasks. Most of your days end around 8 or 9, and sometimes you have to stay up late to prepare materials for tomorrow. The next day, you realize you forgot to ‘post’ on social media, and you have piles of work to do again. The cycle continues.

The problem isn’t unique to you.

Having been entrepreneurs ourselves, we know why small businesses struggle to consistently engage with their audiences.

  1. They have no time: A busy entrepreneur often has a lot to do, and creating social media content can be time consuming. It can take a lot of time to research, plan, create, and publish content that resonates with the target audience.
  • They have limited resources: Entrepreneurs may not have access to the same marketing and business resources that larger companies do. This can make it difficult to create high-quality graphics, videos, or other types of content that engage their audience.

  • They find it difficult to be consistent: Posting content consistently is almost impossible because you don’t even have the time or energy to create content regularly.

  • They are not the expert: The creation of social media content is a complex process that requires understanding platforms, algorithms, as well as audience preferences. Unlike social media marketers or agencies, entrepreneurs may not have the same level of expertise.

  • They can’t keep up with trends. As social media trends and best practices change constantly, entrepreneurship can be challenging for entrepreneurs.

This is where we come in – a dedicated, outsourced marketing team who shares this burden with you.

Imagine someone strategizing with you about content, helping you with production, visuals, and copywriting. Your stories and sales posts would appear on your audience’s feed every day. Imagine having that advertisement nicely crafted, and all you need to do is review, let it run, and wait for leads to come in. Most importantly, think of the amount of time you will save and how you can use this time for other things!

Instead of hiring a marketing executive, you get a team of experienced professionals who are here to ensure your success.

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