Need marketing services but not eligible for government grants?

Now, it is possible to grow your business online without breaking the bank.

If you have just set up a company and revenue has been stagnant....

And many people tell you that due to the pandemic, people are not spending enough.

Well, I would say that is too much of a generalised statement.

This pandemic has prompted our parents to learn new technology. It has caused Wang Lei to sell fish online and become a millionaire. A ban mian seller started her online delivery service and 10x her business. A tuition center pivoted the entire model online and grew to a million dollar company. The pandemic has seen many businesses adapting to changes and doing even better now.

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If you did everything you can but your sales is still not improving,
you need help!

You’ve tried modelling after your best competitors, you've tried attending courses, experimenting things on your own, you find yourself spending too much time pondering what to do with your social media.

I would like you to answer this question, is your sales growing?

If the answer is no, you need to pause and ask for help.

I know it could be quite expensive to hire someone to fix your digital marketing.

Having gone through that phase, I am able to relate to your struggle, and I am now committed to help fix your marketing at an affordable price. I have helped several companies do that and I am confident to do it even better now.

Struggling to stand out from the competition?

Want to get more leads and sale?

Did many things on your own but don’t see any results?

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I offer quality digital marketing services at an affordable price

And! I am looking for individuals or startups who want to grow your sale via social media. If you’re hardworking, truly believe in what you do and don’t mind paying a fraction of what the other marketers charge to make things work,


Our Happy Client

Yanzi started a fashion business during the Circuit Breaker in Singapore last year. She was selling clothing through Facebook live and the business has been suffering from low sales for months. Many people say it was due to low season and people are not spending on clothes. Is it really the case?

After we met, we worked out a framework together and she managed to hit her first *5 figure sale* in less than three months.

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