My Story

Dreamer Turned Go-Getter.

Dreamer Turned Go-Getter.

In life, I embrace my values and strengths, driving me to be an unstoppable force in pursuing my goals.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has hit all of us hard, and for me, it was a very challenging time, since I had just left my job before the outbreak, and had gone from making a decent income to suddenly losing that.

I spent months working in front of my laptop, learning and creating content, and waiting for job interview phone calls. Also, I had to lower my asking pay by more than half to get a job, which later terminated me due to their sponsor going bankrupt.

It felt as good as I had lost my self-worth, life was unglamorous, and I was on the verge of depression.

For once, giving up and not doing anything seem so much easier.

Despite all the hurdles, the stress, and the constantly-changing game plan, I knew deep down in my heart that I could and would do more.

Therefore, I started Singing Mum, a channel dedicated to empowering women through live interviews with mompreneurs. In four months, I connected with 30 mompreneurs in Singapore and conducted over 30 live interviews, which provided me with invaluable business and social media experience.

This unique and daring experience has opened a number of doors for me. I began helping friends manage and strategize their social media. These opportunities, coupled with my marketing background and passion for empowering women, ultimately led me to start my own social media agency.

Today, I work with like-minded entrepreneurs and startups to develop their online presence and achieve their goals. My specialties include education, beauty, home & mummy products, and branding for solo business owners.

New opportunities and challenges excite me, so please feel free to connect with me, and let’s make a positive impact together!


Love, Wens.